Ideal Computer Specs to Run GPSports Software

Ideal computer to run GPSports Software:

- Intel i7 processor faster than 2.0GHZ
- 16GB RAM ideally
- 1TB hard disk
- Preferably in addition to this, a 256GB (or greater) SSD (solid state drive). This can have the system and software installed on it, and it will boot and run much faster. They can then archive old data when necessary, to the 1TB hard disk.
- At least 2 usb ports.
- Windows 8.1
- Screen at least 1920 x 1080 pixels
- Microsoft Excel to support exporting, if needed

Hi Rod,

Just wondering whether it is possible to run GPSports Software on Windows 10 and or MacBook.



Hi Nol,

You can run our Team AMS and SPI Realtime software on Windows only (Windows 10 is fine) not on MacBook - only our web based platforms, SPI IQ and SPI Touch, can be run on Apple (ie Mac or iPad etc).




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